Autonomous Cluster Fund Innovative Technologies Park, operating under the Tech Garden brand, is the creator and owner of the Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP).


Autonomous Cluster Fund "Innovative Technologies Park", operating under the Tech Garden brand, was established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan by Resolution No. 1087 dated October 10, 2014.

Fund carries out its activities in accordance with the Law "On the innovation cluster" Innovative technologies park" dated June 10, 2014 No. 207-V ZRK (hereinafter - the Law).

According to the Law, the Steering Committee of ACF ITP is headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ACF ITP, according to the instructions of the First President, forms a high-tech innovation cluster (within the 63 steps of the "Plan of the Nation"), uniting subjects of educational, research and industrial-innovative activities.

As of May 2020, the innovation cluster unites about 300 subjects of industrial innovation, research and education.


Creation of an ecosystem to support industrial enterprises in their digital transformation and stimulate the active adoption of digital technologies.


Achievement of a critical mass of enterprises of «lighthouses» - market drivers (~ 20% of the pool of enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex, oil and gas industry, mechanical engineering, etc.), actively introducing new technologies to acquire financial and operational advantages.

Digital Industry Center IntelliSense-LAB

Technological platform for industrial automation and digitalization to optimize the production processes of subsoil users of the mining and metallurgical complex, oil and gas sector, energy and transport. Center allows you to create solutions using Artificial Intelligence in order to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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Laboratory BIM+

Creation of digital twins using BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and the use of related Internet of Things and Big Data technologies in the civil and industrial construction sectors, as well as the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies in industry.

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Center for New Materials and Additive Technologies

Carries out the transfer of advanced technologies for the production of metal powders, including for the processing of tailings and dumps of the mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan. The center's target is engineering and the integration of additive technologies into the country's production.

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Center for Intelligent Systems

Based on the reengineering of business processes, the center solves the issues of integration, prototyping and understanding of the use of new IT technologies based on technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, subsoil users and service companies, industrial enterprises of all industries, logistics and railway operators.

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Center for Technological Development of the Mining and Metallurgical Complex

Сenter develops educational online courses to improve the skills of employees of all levels of the mining and metallurgical sector during the digital transformation of enterprises and the introduction of elements of Industry 4.0.

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Implementation of innovative projects at the expense of the obligations of subsoil users

Autonomous Cluster Fund «Park of Innovative Technologies», operating under the Tech Garden brand, is an operator for the implementation of research and development work for subsoil users within the framework of their obligations to deduct 1% of total annual income.

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Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP)

Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP) is based on the “Single Window” concept, which has implemented “Electronic Government for Citizens”. Only in the case of SIMP - the users are IT, engineering or innovation companies, industrial enterprises, the public sector, research institutes and higher education institutions. That is, all participants in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

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Technological pitching

Technological pichings are an online event aimed at solving industrial problems in order to automate and improve the business processes of an enterprise. Technological marathons have been held since 2020 as one of the tools of the corporate acceleration program implemented by ACF «ITP» within the framework of the Development Strategy of the Innovation Cluster Innovative technologies park.

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Development and implementation of a corporate acceleration program

Tech Garden offers the fastest and most flexible technology implementation mechanism - the corporate acceleration program. Diagnostics of the enterprise, formation of tasks, selection of technological solutions, development, as well as operational piloting of automation and digitalization projects in practice are carried out in a short time.

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Virtual IT Center

Residency in a virtual IT center provides an opportunity to post information about a company, products and services.

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