SIMP platform

The Smart Industry Management Platform (SIMP) is a technology platform created by the Autonomous Cluster Fund «Innovative Technologies Park», operating under the Tech Garden brand, to promote Industry 4.0 technologies in the industrial sector of Kazakhstan.


The SIMP platform is based on the concept of a "single window", according to which "Electronic government for citizens" is implemented. Only in the case of SIMP users are IT, engineering and innovation companies, industrial enterprises, the public sector, research institutes and higher education institutions, i.e. all participants in the ecosystem of Industry 4.0.

The main goal of the platform is to introduce elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the industrial enterprises of the country and the development of the IT industry.

And the main tasks of the SIMP platform are:
— combining the efforts of all market participants in a phased digital transformation of the industry; — creating an ecosystem for widespread scaling of successful projects.

On the platform, industrial enterprises form their applications with technical specifications, and IT, engineering or innovative companies publish information about their products and solutions. The system analyzes all the entered data and gives the best results, offering optimal solutions. IT solutions and technical tasks undergo initial examination, which reduces the time for selecting the necessary technologies and accelerates their implementation.

Testing the algorithms of the platform in a test mode showed that the industry has a high need for automation and digitalization of processes. And IT companies have ready-made solutions. However, the lack of an effective communication channel did not allow mutually interested parties to find each other.

The development team evaluated and selected the most convenient functionality for all SIMP users. The most modern approaches to software development have been applied, which ensures fast processing of all data and maximum convenience when using the platform's capabilities.


Registered members of the platform can:

Host IT, engineering or innovative solutions;

Find business partners in similar areas;

Post vacancies and recruit qualified employees;

Post your technological tasks;

Conclude contracts in online-format;

Train employees;

Participate in technological pitches;

Receive analytics of your company's work;

Organize events.

The SIMP platform consists of several modules:


Smart Store contains the best IT, engineering or innovative solutions and current technological problems from industrial enterprises, which undergo an initial examination. It helps to reduce the time spent on selecting the necessary technologies and accelerates their implementation.

Module contains:

residents of the virtual IT-quarter;

past and upcoming technology pitches;

package solutions;

R&D centers of ACF «ITP»




The QazR & D module contains services and developments with R&D status from IT, engineering and innovative companies, research institutes and universities.

Subsoil users' requests for a solution to technological tasks using projects with R&D status.

Module monitors, administers and efficiently uses the tool for allocating 1% of the Total annual income (TAI) to R&D. This reduces the time for making decisions from 4 to 1.5 months.. QazR & D contains data on the advantages of financing projects at the expense of 1% of the Total annual income (TAI) using the instruments of the Autonomous Cluster Fund "Park of Innovative Technologies", acting under the Tech Garden brand, and the legislative framework supporting these advantages.




The Digital Compitence module contains the best tools for training in the areas of Industry 4.0.

This is a database of online courses from higher educational institutions and experts, in which you can choose educational programs, both for working out a specific competence for yourself or your employees, and for improving the qualifications of entire divisions of your enterprise.

The platform helps in tracking educational progress, so you can share data on your qualifications with a current or potential employer.

Digital Compitence includes a database of experts, among whom you can find a specialist for your company. The module provides functionality for the search for employees, for this it is enough to post a vacancy with a detailed description of the requirements for the applicant.

In particular, the module allows you to create, promote and conduct events, involving the audience of residents of the SIMP platform.